How To Be The Perfect Human Being

Did you know there are 263,000,000 million results on Google on how to be the perfect human being? Yes! 263 Million! Do you also know how many perfect human beings exist in the world? ZERO! But those results in Google … Continue reading

Easy DIY dog treats

I’m really excited about having my first guest blogger. Something that I’ve been doing since I’ve started is join blogging groups on Facebook to learn more about what I love doing, see what has worked for others and how that … Continue reading

What It’s Like Living In A Beach Town

Virginia Beach, VA – Known to have one of the most popular boardwalks in the continental United States, there’s no shortage of yearly festivities, volunteer opportunities, concerts, conventions, and plenty of good food. So you can see why it’s such … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Epic Pinterest Fails

The Pinterest phenomenon “Nailed It” needs very little introduction. By now we’re all intimately familiar with the expression and may have even experienced out own pinterest fail. aimiright?! I haven’t experienced a fail quite like any of the fail’s I’m about … Continue reading

Make Your Own Pizza Pocket

I’m so obsessed with Pizza! It’s the one food I could probably eat the rest of my life and die happy. And I’m not talking about the pizza with the low fat cheese or gluten free dough or low sodium … Continue reading

Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte

So this was a recipe I found on Pinterest years ago but for the life of me I cannot find the original pin. So I Google’d it and found the video from Huffington Post. HP’s video is a modified version … Continue reading

Apple Mug Muffis

Apple Mug Muffin by Civilized Cave Man Cooking The name of the website should have been a giveaway. But I won’t digress. I discovered this recipe on pinterest, of course. Pinterest will be my doom, one day. *Update* Looking back I … Continue reading

Rise & Shine: It’s Smoothie Time

I’m not a recipe master, nor am I an expert on all things smoothie. But what I can tell you is “This Smoothie is de-lish!” And I wouldn’t waste my time or yours talking about it if it wasn’t. Smoothies … Continue reading

Easter Goodies & Good Eats

Yay, it’s almost Easter. The part of Easter that is more commonly known is what kids love most: “In addition to Easter’s religious significance, it also has a commercial side, evidenced by the mounds of jelly beans and marshmallow chicks … Continue reading

A Tribute To Breakfast

  Breakfast. Whether you eat it in the morning, at night, with family and friends, in front of the television, in a restaurant, watching the sun rise or watching it set, hot or cold – it’s arguably the best meal … Continue reading