How to Create Mirrored Mason Jars!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! First, thank you for stopping by. I’m grateful to each of my readers and as such I love bringing you fun content that you would enjoy. As such, I bring you content that I enjoy as well. … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Epic Pinterest Fails

The Pinterest phenomenon “Nailed It” needs very little introduction. By now we’re all intimately familiar with the expression and may have even experienced out own pinterest fail. aimiright?! I haven’t experienced a fail quite like any of the fail’s I’m about … Continue reading

Wine Bottle Crafts

This is by far one of my favorite things to search for on Pinterest! First inspired by this pin from ‘realcoake’ of a wine bottle used as a soap dispenser, I decided I had to have one just like it. I … Continue reading

Mason Jar Flower Vase

My favorite things to hold on to is Mason Jars. Or in my case spaghetti jars. I have a preference for the ‘Classico’ spaghetti jars because of their design, although most of them are ‘Prego’ jars. My husband thinks I have … Continue reading