Hey, Thanks for visiting my blog!


My name is Megan and I am a Life Style Engineer

I have a passion for writing, photography, traveling, pop culture, and food.

Aspiring blogger and social media wizard

Bachelors of Science degree in Communications with a concentration in Professional Communications

Account Management Intern for Travel & Leisure at The Meridian Group at Virginia Beach, VA – Summer 2014

Why Blog?

I want my investments to stand the test of time. Design, fashion, lifestyle, and projects alike that I can get the most use out of for the best price, no matter how I incorporate it in to my life, that will always be classically beautiful.  Blogging allows me to share those passions and ideas with anyone willing to read about it

So it’s a little bit Pinterest DIY and little bit of life

As a side note: I do not get paid to review any of the products I may mention in a post. I do not get paid to maintain this blog. I do all of this because I enjoy it and genuinely love the products I use. I often reference Pinterest for any projects I may start and will always link back to where I found the original one I imitated. Each of the projects I do, I do for myself and do not make a profit selling anything. Thanks!




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Megan! Thanks for sharing at my link up today- love the pinterest real-life trial. I like the ‘lifestyle engineer’ title- have you ever seen the articles where they write up what you would have to pay ‘stay at home’ moms if it were a salaried position? I don’t remember the number, but it was big since you end up doing so many jobs all at once!
    Xoxo K

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