How To Be The Perfect Human Being

Did you know there are 263,000,000 million results on Google on how to be the perfect human being? Yes! 263 Million! Do you also know how many perfect human beings exist in the world? ZERO! But those results in Google … Continue reading

What It’s Like Living In A Beach Town

Virginia Beach, VA – Known to have one of the most popular boardwalks in the continental United States, there’s no shortage of yearly festivities, volunteer opportunities, concerts, conventions, and plenty of good food. So you can see why it’s such … Continue reading

Spring Essentials 2015

If you couldn’t tell by the gradual increase of¬†temperatures and daylight savings, and every news channel reminding you every hour of every day, and all your friends instagramming their toes…Spring has arrived! Except in New England. They might still be … Continue reading

Un-Beauty Feature

My skin is far from great. Who’s never said that before, aimiright?!¬† Years of acne have speckled my face and a lifetime of either very dry or very oily skin. Though, I’m far more comfortable going make up free now … Continue reading