The Bachelorette – Week 4 “Stick With Me, Kid”

My first thought this week that I had that I really wanted to share with y’all is “ABC has mastered manipulating a TV script and turning it into TV gold” A+ for effort. I also went in to this week … Continue reading

The Bachelorette – The Week I’m Going To Pretend Never Happened

#BloggingTheBach Just as the title suggests, I really wanted to pretend this week never actually happened. Which is why I’m posting this a few days late…I was struggling to accept the preposterous chain of events that occurred. I’m mean…really?! Were … Continue reading

#Bachelorette – Week 2

Hey Y’all. I’m super stoked about #BloggingTheBach this season! Seriously, there’s so much TV magic here lol. You can finally relax, Kaitlyn was chosen last week as this seasons bachelorette. And Shawn Booth got the first impression rose! Can I get … Continue reading

#Bachelorette – Week 1

I’m pretty sure after last nights season premier I’m going to need two surgeries – the first to pump all the cheese from my system (some of the guys on last night’s episode had really cheesy introductions) and the second … Continue reading

How To Be The Perfect Human Being

Did you know there are 263,000,000 million results on Google on how to be the perfect human being? Yes! 263 Million! Do you also know how many perfect human beings exist in the world? ZERO! But those results in Google … Continue reading

What It’s Like Living In A Beach Town

Virginia Beach, VA – Known to have one of the most popular boardwalks in the continental United States, there’s no shortage of yearly festivities, volunteer opportunities, concerts, conventions, and plenty of good food. So you can see why it’s such … Continue reading

In Recognition Of International Jugglers Day

You read that correctly, April 18th is International Juggler’s Day! Who knew such a thing existed? I didn’t, but I do now and so do you and we will enjoy this together! According to Holiday Insights: World Juggling Day was … Continue reading

To Fool Or Not To Fool – Tricks We Love

April Fools is AWESOME. It’s the one day a year when I get to unleash on my husband and daughter a waterfall of pranks! Jokes/Pranks are year round in our house and I like to save up my “pay back” … Continue reading

A Tribute To Breakfast

  Breakfast. Whether you eat it in the morning, at night, with family and friends, in front of the television, in a restaurant, watching the sun rise or watching it set, hot or cold – it’s arguably the best meal … Continue reading

Oh Crap, It’s Birthday Season – Gift Ideas

Okay, So I could probably think of a better title. But it’s honest. Right after spring break there is like this tidal wave of birthday’s all through the summer. Was there a club meeting that I missed where the universe … Continue reading