To Fool Or Not To Fool – Tricks We Love

April Fools is AWESOME. It’s the one day a year when I get to unleash on my husband and daughter a waterfall of pranks! Jokes/Pranks are year round in our house and I like to save up my “pay back” for this day. You would think they would know by now that April Fools is coming and to prepare for my war, but even still I get them by surprise. DO THEY NOT KNOW ME BY NOW? lol. Behind Christmas, April Fools is my favorite “holiday”.

I started planning for it a week ago, scouring pinterest for ideas. Check out some of my plans here.

Rules for a tear-free April Fools

  1. Don’t get personal
  2. Avoid illegal activities
  3. Don’t damage any one else’s property or possessions
  4. Make sure it’s easy to clean up after
  5. It’s best not to mess with someone when they’re sleeping
  6. Absolutely avoid toxic chemicals
  7. Consider your timing – as with all good fun, there is a time and a place – even on April Fools Day
  8. Consider your “targets” mood
  9. Learn age appropriate pranks
  10. Teach your kids these rules as well, they’re bound to get carried away
  11. Know when to call it quits

April Fool’s Day is a celebration of mischief and misbehavior, but it’s not a complete free-for-all. There are rules about how it should be observed. Unwritten rules, but ones that nevertheless hold the weight of hundreds of years of tradition. And even for those who do not plan to play pranks, there are customs about what are appropriate activities to engage in on the day. –

Let The Games Begin

Most of these are self explanatory just from the image.



^ This one involves taking a screen shot of their home screen then removing all the icons and setting the image as their new home screen. Then when they try to tap the icon, nothing happens AHAHA!


^ Putting tape over the sensor on the remote



And for all my readers that aren’t able to enjoy spring just yet like the rest of us…


For non-foolers: anigif_enhanced-6010-1413581626-6

See It, Pin It, Do It, Blog It


13 thoughts on “To Fool Or Not To Fool – Tricks We Love

    • I did the phone one to my husband when he fell asleep last night so that he noticed when he woke up this morning. I tried to “stay asleep” but i couldn’t help laughing at his meltdown over it lol. Would have been nice to get it on camera lol


  1. When my 15yo was littler, April Fool’s Day was his favorite holiday! Now that he’s in high school and out the door at 6:30am, I have to get more creative about getting him in the afternoon, but these are great ideas! My 11yo stepdaughter is way too sensitive so we skip her and my little girls are too young just yet. Love your pins and ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love all of these jokes. We actually don’t participate in April’s Fools in this house. It got too personal one year, so we called it quits. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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