#Bachelorette – Week 2

Hey Y’all. I’m super stoked about #BloggingTheBach this season! Seriously, there’s so much TV magic here lol.

You can finally relax, Kaitlyn was chosen last week as this seasons bachelorette. And Shawn Booth got the first impression rose! Can I get an Amen?! 


Shawn Booth – Ryan Gosling

Anyone? Anyone?

Moving along..

In the preview for this week’s episode we were shown boxing gone too far, Kaitlyn confessing she’s kissed all the guys already (you go girl!) and an “omg, omg” from some commotion occurring as Kaitlyn is doing her little confessional, and lots of good TV editing magic! I don’t know about you but what good is reality TV without some good ol’ fashion editing magic? None, because no one’s life is that interesting. There was more but that was the interesting stuff.

In case you’ve already forgotten, glance back up at the photo of Shawn Booth….yup, he’s still gorgeous. Just checking.

Here’s all the crazy stuff you missed or didn’t catch: If you don’t have a sense of humor then just stop reading already.

1. Kaitlyn waking up in her hotel bed saying “Waking up as the bachelorette this morning” WITH A FULL SET UP MAKE UP ON. Like seriously, who wakes up with green eye shadow on? Does anyone recall how the other girls teased Britt for doing her makeup before bed?

2. All the ‘five o’clock shadows’: Um, heelllooo?! I don’t know about you, but seriously, these guys are rocking some major scruff and it really is the best part about this episode. I’m hoping to see some lumberjack beards by the end of this. ::swoon::

3. Britt crying: What else is new? At least one of the guys gave her some tissues the night before.

4. Ben H is the secret hottie: Watch out Shawn B., Ben H. is just the right kind of tall, dark, and handsome.

5. Only one of the guys is wearing glasses: WHY? Glasses are like face candy. Why, Chris Harrison, is there not more guys wearing glasses?

6. Everyone was really excited for the first group date: Can we just bring back Ashley I. and Kelsey from last season? Seriously, they were like the only ones who didn’t pretend to be excited about a group date.

7. Someone thought it was a good idea to let these guys box each other: There really shouldn’t be any surprises how that turned out. ::Insert stereotype about guys fighting here:: The only way it could have turned out better is if this was The Bachelor and it was a bunch of chic’s boxing! I can see it all unfolding in my mind right now ahahahaha. Fake hair and eyelashes would be raining down on everyone! 🙂


8. Ben Z. mother died of cancer: I don’t know why but the first thought I had when he said that was of Kelsey from last season of The Bachelor and how she used “her story” to manipulate Chris. (Get your knickers out of a twist, I’m not making fun of people with cancer, that shit wouldn’t be funny)

9. Who knew guys liked to gossip and whine? Seriously, I almost forgot they were dudes.

10. Tony is still creepy: Tony is still creepy.

And all of that was in just the first 30 minutes! Can you imagine the editing magic for the next 90 minutes? There was even an underwater make-out session. Where can I sign up for that?

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10 thoughts on “#Bachelorette – Week 2

  1. where the heck was ryan gosling last night? they barely even showed him. is it weird that he got the first impression rose but no date the first week? i feel like that’s weird. i have no idea who ben h is, but now i am super curious.


  2. I’m dying !!!! Lol love it. All I know is if I had to be around JJ for more than 5 min I would snap ! Watch he’s the next physco. And I definitely wake up with green eyeshadow on ummmm. Yea right !


  3. I JUST finished watching it on Hulu and, let me tell you, these people are crazy! I’m glad she sent the guy home that she did (spoilers!) because he went all sorts of crazy! I pegged him as one of the crazies from the beginning, though, so I wasn’t too surprised.


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