A Tribute To Breakfast


Breakfast. Whether you eat it

  • in the morning,
  • at night,
  • with family and friends,
  • in front of the television,
  • in a restaurant,
  • watching the sun rise or watching it set,
  • hot or cold

– it’s arguably the best meal of the day. Amiright? And even if you choose to keep it basic with cereal, pancakes, a fruit, toast…I could keep going, it’s still mmmmmmgood. Once you start adding your own personal touch to it – magic. And you never grow out of loving it. 

But some people may think american’s lack imagination when it comes to breakfast – that I completely disagree with. Now whether or not we put in the effort or have the time to create it is a separate issue.

Here’s a list of quintessential breakfast meals in America and a few from around the world. Bon appetite!


Forget about fast food breakfast and breakfast bars that come in a box – block it from your mind. It’s popular, yes, but extremely overrated! Let me restore your faith in making something yummy at home with a recipe.

1. Hashbrown and eggs

Hashbrowns and eggs

UPDATE: I made these this morning (4-2-15) and they were the BOMB DOT COM!!! We were on a tight schedule this morning to get my daughter to her a.m. jump rope club meetup, so yes….I look crazy 🙂 But the hashbrown…mmmmm!

10565152_860332337360938_3801078987018061447_n 11082592_860332310694274_7570389996304642428_n

2. Diner Pancakes

Diner Pancakes

I can’t resist eating pancakes without some blueberries added into the batter, yum!

3. Arugula and Prosciutto Egg Benedict

egg benedic

3. Apple Cinnamon Granola


4. Everything Bagels

everything bagels

5. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait


6. Toasted Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

bfast sandwich

7. Croissants


Enjoy with a smoothie, Orange Juice, or Water and you got yourself one hell of  a breakfast!



  • Thick Hot Chocolate
  • Churros

This I found from USA Today and just had to add because of our upcoming move to Spain.



  • fermented soybean dish called natto
  • white rice,
  • miso soup,
  • kabocha squash simmered in soy sauce and sweet sake (kabocha no nimono),
  • pickled cucumber,
  • rolled egg omelet (tamagoyaki)
  • grilled salmon.


  • honey and clotted cream, called kaymak, on toasted bread
  • green and black olives
  • fried eggs with a spicy sausage called sucuk
  • butter
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • thick grape syrup (pekmez) with tahini on top
  • an assortment of sheep-, goat- and cow-milk cheeses
  • quince and blackberry jams
  • pastries and bread
  • tomatoes, cucumbers, white radishes and other fresh vegetables
  • kahvaltilik biber salcasi, a paste made of grilled red peppers
  • hazelnut-flavored halvah, the dense dessert
  • milk and orange juice


  • a single kiwi
  • tartine, an open-faced baguette with butter and blackberry jam
  • cold cereal with milk
  • and freshly squeezed orange juice


  • cornmeal porridge called phala with soy and groundnut flour
  • deep-fried fritters made of cornmeal, onions, garlic and chiles, along with boiled sweet potato and pumpkin
  • and a dark red juice made from dried hibiscus flowers and sugar


  • oatmeal porridge is called hafragrautur, a staple breakfast in Iceland. The oatmeal is cooked in water or milk and often served with brown sugar, maple syrup, butter, fruit or surmjolk (sour milk).
  • lysi, or cod-liver oil. For part of the year, when the sun barely clears Iceland’s horizon, sunlight is a poor source of vitamin D — but the vitamin is plentiful in fish oils.


  •  glass of milk
  • bread with unsalted butter and — most important — sweet sprinkles, which come in multiple flavors (chocolate, vanilla, fruit) and sizes (small, large, shavings)
    • Fun Fact:Dutch eat at least 750,000 slices of bread topped with the chocolate sprinkles called hagelslag (‘‘hailstorm’’)


  • A cup of chocolate milk or coffee
  • ham and cheese
  • pão com manteiga, bread with butter.

It’s always almost Saturday and that’s a great time to get cookin!

I used an article by The New York Times for my “around the world” breakfast’s

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