#Bachelorette – Week 1

I’m pretty sure after last nights season premier I’m going to need two surgeries – the first to pump all the cheese from my system (some of the guys on last night’s episode had really cheesy introductions) and the second to fix my eye sockets (I rolled my eyes so hard again they may have fallen out of their sockets). The Bachelorette is going through some pretty extensive efforts to keep things fresh and relevant. Don’t worry folks, there’s still plenty of crazy and/or drunk people for us to gawk at – this is television after all.

This is the part where you would stop reading if you missed last nights episode. Unless you really don’t care about spoilers, like me. I hate surprises.


I’m teaming up with Aubrey from Aubrey Zaruba to link up and document all this seasons glory!


(Britt and Kaitlyn)

If you haven’t been living under a rock you’ve surely heard by now that there are two bachelorette’s – but only for the first night. One of these girls is going to be humiliated again after spending an entire evening fawning over men again saying “pick me, choose me”. How very Meredith Grey of them. Don’t get your knickers in a twist yet, I don’t feel bad for either of them because I’m quite certain when they agreed to appear in this season together they were briefed on what would happen with the first rose ceremony. And like Chris Soules’ season, there really aren’t any rules.

I’m going to reference my text messages between my friend and I to relive last nights most glorious, awkward, and “what the foxtrot” moments.

Here are my favorite, most “WTF” moments from last nights episode:

  1. “Some of these guys are creepy!” Dammit, this happens every season! And there’s really now way to blend these guys in with the rest of the meat selection. I know, I know, they have to keep viewers entertained. But did they even do a background check on this group? Come ooonnnn.
  2. “It’s going to be hard to remember all these guys” “Maybe easier once Britt is gone” That’s right folks – TEAM KAITLYN! I looove her dirty jokes and whats even better….there were guys showing up and re-using her dirty jokes. It was so cute, really, because that’s who Kaitlyn is. If someone told a dirty joke to Britt it may not have been as funny. These two women really are polar opposites. As in, all the funniest guys love Kaitlyn and all the creepy ones love Britt. That’s the only way to remember all of them – who did something funny vs. who did something creepy.
  3. “Is that soap or tissues” So the first guy out of the car went to Kaitlyn then like 10 in a row went to Britt and Kaitlyn had a little “meltdown”. This is the part where Britt really shines – she loves the attention. I love when it turns around and Britt gets a little bitter that Kaitlyn started getting gifts. Until finally Britt gets some tissues. The guys reason…”you cried a lot last season” BURRRNNNN. Then Kaitlyn really lays on the burn ointment with “Is that soap or tissues?” (excuse me while I pick my gut up off the floor) ::For those of you who didn’t watch last seasons Bachelor – Britt isn’t a fan of soap and water.
  4. “He said the same thing twice :’) :’) :’) omg make it stop!!!” Yes, one guy (a healer) walks right up to Britt and gives her this really beautiful line (and she woo’s a little for him and goes on about the immediate connection they had) then he walks right over to Kaitlyn and gives her the same exact line!
  5. “The Force is strong with this one” First, a guy drives up in a car “pool”. Yes, a car that is literally a pool. The guy gets out and his suit is soaking wet. Then right after that another guy drives up in a cupcake – the dude turns out to be a dentist! These two get extra points for their punny originality.
  6. “NOOOOOOOOOOO” “WTFFFFFFFFF” To be continued…. Seriously. They didn’t give us the results of the rose ceremony tonight. Dick move Chris…that was a real dick move.

I didn’t give a line to the drunk guy and Chris pulling him aside to send him home because, honestly, doesn’t this happen every season?!

I’ll be upload a video to my YouTube Channel with all the glorious reactions to the rose ceremony reveal tonight!

In the meantime, jump in to our link up and add your own posts about this season of The Bachelorette!



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21 thoughts on “#Bachelorette – Week 1

  1. I’m still just in awe of the whole concept of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Seriously cracking up about the healer guy re-using that line still though. I can’t wait to see who gets chosen to be the Bachelorette. Kaitlyn seems wayyy more sincere than Brit, but honestly I’m ok with either of them.


  2. I can’t wait for tonight!! I have to know who it’s going to be! I’m team K all the way! But jeez, some of those men are seriously weird… while some are seriously HOT!


  3. All of this cracks me up — I don’t even watch the show but via Good Morning America and/or other ABC shows, I saw the pool car and cupcake car. So funny. I don’t know much about the girls since I don’t watch the Bachelor either. I did see the guy open up his shirt or something? So wild. Should be an interesting season!


  4. When I saw your post on the Facebook page I was so hesitant to click on it because I still have 30 minutes left of the first episode..but my impatient self clicked on it because I wanted to read that Kaitlyn was the new bachelorette! But I guess it is good it was continued!!


  5. I am one of those under the rocks. Never watched bachelor/bachelorette, never intend to. I have my fair share of guilty pleasures on tv, but that’s not one of them.. love your wtf moments though!


  6. love the text conversations! i never really love the first few nights and this was no exception. i need a few of the guys to be gone before i can really get into it. thanks for hosting with me. i’m excited for the season!


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