Guest blogging is also a great way to establish yourself as an authority figure within your market and build relationships with other bloggers and experts within your field. “Guest posting” means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.


Why Guest Blogging Matters

When it comes to SEO, guest posting on other sites is five times as valuable as creating new content on your own site. (So long as you get the back link.)

It’s an opportunity to network with other bloggers within your community.

Guest blogging can boost your social media stake as well, since you now have a combined effort promoting and sharing material on your behalf.

If you’re the guest blogger, you get visibility. You capture a new audience, build traffic for your own website, and gain new social followers as well.

Guest Blogging isn’t about you – it’s not an advertisement. You’re sharing information.

Guest Blogging With Heyyyy Megan!

1. First I will look at your content. I’m looking for quality content, not spam. It’s not personal, I just don’t want to spam my readers.

2. Write an introduction, 4-6 sentences is a good start.

3. The intro is a good spot to link back to your own blog. If you want to link back to your other social media, feel free to link back to no more than 2 in your conclusion. I won’t count outgoing links to Pinterest if you are doing a Pinterest DIY.

4. If you’re writing a DIY, be specific. Assume the reader has no knowledge of the topic and minimal DIY experience.

5. If you are republishing something from your sight, something that you’ve already done, freshen it up with tips about what you could do differently or how you feel about the craft now.

6. If you are re-creating a craft from Pinterest, link the pin and give the person credit.

7. Please check your grammar and spelling. We’re all adults.

8. I typically prefer DIY guest posts. That is the main focus of my blog. If you have a great idea for something else, I would certainly consider it if the content is relevant to the other type of content I post.

9. Images. They are your friend. Tips: In good focus & decent lighting.

10. When I publish a guest blog I share it on all of my social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, BlogLovin’, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. While I enjoy having guest bloggers, I understand the value of guest blogging and am not an advertising agency. Guest blogging should be beneficial to each party involved. I expect that my guest bloggers, at a minimum, share the post on Facebook, Twitter (even if you’re just retweeting my tweet) and Pinterest. I do check and copy the links for my own personal records.

The guidelines are not static. I reserve the right to change them as I go with each guest blogger to best meet our needs and goals. Feel free to share your goals and/or expectations with me during the planning phase. I’m not some blog warden, I love meeting my fellow bloggers and having fun with it. Don’t be intimidated or turned off to guest post with me or ask me to guest post with you because of the guidelines. They’re just to ensure a beneficial agreement with both parties. If you can’t follow along with them, then this isn’t the blog for you to guest post with.



Some sites I used in developing good guest blogging guidelines:


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