The Bachelorette – Week 4 “Stick With Me, Kid”

My first thought this week that I had that I really wanted to share with y’all is “ABC has mastered manipulating a TV script and turning it into TV gold” A+ for effort.

I also went in to this week with my eyes (and heart) wide open. Tears people, tears.

So just like my previous weeks of #BloggingTheBach I’ve teamed up with fellow blogger, and awesome person extraordinaire, Aubrey Zaruba, to bring you all the best of what you saw or may have missed from this season.

If you missed last week, no worries you can catch up. If you haven’t seen any of this season, start here and then head over here.



Here are 20 things you had no idea that you needed to know about this weeks episode that will help you survive until next weeks episode (best explained with GIF’s):

1. Clint was totally confident that he was going to get a rose even after all that happened.


2. Clint’s problem is that everybody is jealous of him.


3. JJ called his “boyfriend” out, emotional bitch slap. (and literally because he totally slapped himself while crying in the corner)

Yes, JJ totally cried

4. Of all the time they spent on Clint and JJ last week and the 10 minutes they used on it this week… I’m not going to spend nearly that much time on it. Bye, Felicia.


5. She freaking cancelled the rose ceremony. Seriously?!


6. Why wasn’t  I invited to New York? Everybody know that white girls can rap too


7. After months of teasing about Nick joining The Bachelorette, he is finally sitting in the crowd at the rap battle in New York . Out with one crazy and in with another.


8. Ryan Gosling vs Matt Damon, Shawn vs. Justin


9. Nick is the bunny out of The Bachelorette’s magic hat. It’s all tricks and Trix are for kids.


10. I’m calling it now, can Ben Z. totally be the next Bachelor? Puh-lease! #BenZForBachelor


11. The same thing happened on Chris’s bachelor season when a girl came back trying to get back into the mix. He invited her into the date and then sent her home. Why is it more dramatic just because it’s the Bachelorette?

case of emotion

12. OMG crazy Ashley was doing Kaitlyn’s hair!


13. Nick arriving on the show has really talked all of us a very valuable lesson: men have feelings too, they are just as insecure as women.


14. They built up Nick’s arrival way too much for Kaitlyn to send him home.


15. Kaitlyn’s date with Jared was very revealing, Kaitlyn is an emotional cheater.


16. The only way this episode could have been more dramatic is if the helicopter started having mechanical problems.


17. The Broadway date proved one thing (that we already knew): these guys cant dance. I guess that means they’re not husband material.


18. I totally want a star lift in my kitchen! Like, after you wake up and see someone made bacon you can go on a star lift and pop out like  “heyyyyyyy”!


19. Why are we still seeing Britt? Didn’t she get sent home?


20. All this “Bacheloretting” has made me hungry,  I need a sandwich.


And one more GIF to sum up my reaction to this weeks episode, just because I can.




See It, Pin It, Do It, Blog It

I also wanted to take a second to add that I haven’t been blogging as much this month as I previously have. My family and I are getting closer to our move to Spain, getting ready for school to let out, and our vacation to Florida this weekend!

I can’t wait to share that vacation with you, I’ll do a few blog posts about it and some other fun stuff too.


5 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Week 4 “Stick With Me, Kid”

  1. Oh man, this season is cray cray. First off, I’d just like to say that I don’t know what the big deal is over Kaitlyn. She keeps saying that she takes this process very seriously (um, why? isn’t there only ONE success story out of 100 bachelor/ette couples??)…but I don’t buy it. She really does just seem to love the attention and just wants to make out all over the place. She’s never met nick and yet after maybe about 10 sentences with him, they’re making out? She’s just giving out her milk for free all over the place. Make a man work for it, honey! And, she constantly touches her hair which is super annoying (but could make for a real interesting drinking game while watching. No one would make it to the end of the episode alive). Last, she wears orange make-up. In other news, I love your gifs…too funny! Well done matching those up with each statement. So much drama all over the place but I’m hooked…mainly because I just want to see who she sleeps with!!! But….I’m sure ABC is taking that out of context, too. Probably just talking about some guy she hooked up with in the past (but I really hope not!!!). -Misty


  2. Kaitlyn annoyed me so much this episode! And it seems like she’s only done one real rose ceremony this whole season. I feel like we’re getting slightly jipped.


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