The Bachelorette – The Week I’m Going To Pretend Never Happened


Just as the title suggests, I really wanted to pretend this week never actually happened. Which is why I’m posting this a few days late…I was struggling to accept the preposterous chain of events that occurred. I’m mean…really?! Were we all watching the same episode this week?….I had another one of those moments where I rolled my eyes so hard I saw my brain I could see how disingenuous this show really is. Yet, over and over and over and over, Kaitlyn and the men repeat this, sort of, mantra about how they believe they’re going to find a spouse and how much they trust the process.

Drunk people I can believe, tempers getting the best of people I can believe, corky personalities I can believe. But here’s a list of this weeks moments that really solidified, for me, how manipulated this show has become…and some others that just really were like…wtf: (PS I really love this show, it’s good tv)


Sumo Wrestling Group Date: Tony is an awfully aggressive guy for someone who’s always preaching about love and happiness – it really was a bit much when all they showed of Tony was him ranting to everyone at several separate spots, and again back at the house, of him just going on and on and on about how much his happy ass hated the date. But did it really deserve 20 minutes of air time? Bye felicia Tony

Hellllloooo, SHAWN!

Tanner’s objection to JJ and Clint’s “gay” love-fest: This was hands down the most pathetic attempt by the show to draw ratings; the shots were heavily edited to make it look like these guys were starting a romance with one another. Talk about snippets of conversation being taken out of context. Did anyone else notice that in the preview for next weeks episode that during that same time frame of the rose ceremony cocktail that these two began fighting with one another? Guess it was just a phase. (*As I’m typing this I’m curious if anyone LGBTQA actually found this entertaining or insulting?) If there had even really been something that happened in the shower, don’t you think that the producers would be foaming at the mouth in an attempt to put a clip of it in the show?



Anyone remember this date? ::Swoon::


Child Actors and Sex Education: I get it, it was a prank. A pretty funny situation to be in. Grown “manly” men talking about sex ed. with a bunch of kids. Awkward and really fun to watch these guys squirm. But that’s awfully big attempt to prank them and not even reveal to them that they were being pranked! I would have loved to see the looks on the guys faces when they found out those kids were actors………………….still waiting.


Clint’s “Power” Socks: He’s a villain’s villain and he has special power socks, he felt like using his power. Admitting he’s not interested, at all, in Kaitlyn. Then all the guys basically pleading Kaitlyn to get rid of Clint and JJ. I’m not kidding folks! They really drew this whole scene out for a good 20 minutes….. Then Freaking “To Be Continued” Us AGAIN! Right when Kaitlyn was about to pull Clint aside and settle their little cat fight. 200

Nick…..they preview his ass every freaking week like we’re going to see him in the next episode, then he doesn’t actually show in the next episode, but they preview him again. Stop trying so hard. Please.


Every time one crazy guy appears in the house, everyone else seems totally normal. Then the crazy/drunk/ignorant guy goes home. Then a different guy goes crazy/drunk/ignorant. Ladies and Gentleman – The Bachelor(ette) magic formula!


On a positive note…Ben Z. won some MAJOR MAJOR brownie points! Protective and “take-charge” without insulting Kaitlyn’s feelings of uncertainty about/during their date. He didn’t tease her at all, I loved that, they made a great team. Did anyone else hear the birds chirping during their kiss on the hot tub? Seriously, it was the most cheerful little chirp. Tv magic?

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11 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – The Week I’m Going To Pretend Never Happened

  1. i finally caught on the first half that didn’t record. i totally agree with your title. let’s for sure pretend like this week never happened. tony is a freak. jj is annoying, and clint obviously needs to go. i’m kind of bugged about the child actor thing. i get that it was a job for them, but that’s kind of a weird job for little kids. ben z totally stood out to me this week. she definitely likes him.


  2. Ahhhh, the Bachelor… How I love to hate this show, too. I am so glad that Tony is gone, and the whole bizarre bromance needs to stop because it’s obviously being manipulated by the producers but then there are things that are a bit… I dunno. Strange. Like I obviously have no problem if they want to have a torrid love affair, but why come on a show called the Bachelorette if you’re really just looking to make more friends?

    I really do love Kaitlyn though. Something about her is so endearing. And I LOVE the guy she went on that scary a** locked in a room date with. Also the EFF was that?! Whatever, he was so sweet and charming and I’m pulling for him 🙂


  3. Ok, so since I’m a newbie still, I get such a kick out of this show! Like, I want them all to find love lol. But thank God the Healer is GONE!!! He was such a DB! And what is with Clint?? He has gots to go! I still feel like half these guys are paid actors as the ish that goes down in that house is unreal!! Anywho, ABC sucks for leaving us with yet another cliffhanger to which left me dying for next week’s episode!! Great post!


  4. Who is Nick? I can not figure out who he is and why it is so exciting that she may be bringing him on???? [ This is the first season on The Bachelorette I have EVER watched & last season The Bachelor also. ] Yeah I was waiting for them to be told the kids were actually actors. Either way it would still be awkward because they are still kids. 😛


  5. I’m dying right now !!!! Last week I was literally texting my mom yes she watches it to and my co worker like ugggg wtf this is annoying ! Last week sucked on my favorite show ! I get they want ratings but come on !!!! They have to put two men together for the Bruce Jenner rage ! Here’s to a better coming Monday ! You rock love how you cover this. Laci @ Sequins in the South.


    • oh hun, That was definitely me, I only started watching since Juan Pablos season last year. It’s not a good show, but the drama and “badness” of it is like watching a train wreck and not being able to look away lol


  6. I think Bachelor has been pretty manipulative since I started watching it (Juan Pablo’s season) yet for whatever reason I continue to tune in. I think it’s one of the shows everyone loves to hate, and then before you know it you’re hooked. Totally agree about the Tony rants. That guy was psycho. And the “to be continued” needs to stop! Just show us a full episode and end with a rose ceremony already!


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