My Move To Spain: Getting Prepped

So if you’re just finding my blog, Welcome! My primary reason for starting this blog is because of our upcoming move to SPAIN! There are a lot of travel blogs, some really good ones too, that I’ve found. But none … Continue reading

DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

If you’re as #obsessed with #MasonJars as I am, then you won’t want to miss this feature! Continue reading

My Pinterest Travel Accessories Dream List

Pinterest has rescued me once again. Follow along as I jump in to the rabbit hole and come back with a list of Pinterests’ best travel accessories – my dream list for my upcoming move to Spain. Continue reading

How to Create Mirrored Mason Jars!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! First, thank you for stopping by. I’m grateful to each of my readers and as such I love bringing you fun content that you would enjoy. As such, I bring you content that I enjoy as well. … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Epic Pinterest Fails

The Pinterest phenomenon “Nailed It” needs very little introduction. By now we’re all intimately familiar with the expression and may have even experienced out own pinterest fail.¬†aimiright?! I haven’t experienced a fail quite like any of the fail’s I’m about … Continue reading

Make Your Own Pizza Pocket

I’m so obsessed with Pizza! It’s the one food I could probably eat the rest of my life and die happy. And I’m not talking about the pizza with the low fat cheese or gluten free dough or low sodium … Continue reading

Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte

So this was a recipe I found on Pinterest years ago but for the life of me I cannot find the original pin. So I Google’d it and found the video from Huffington Post. HP’s video is a modified version … Continue reading

Apple Mug Muffis

Apple Mug Muffin by Civilized Cave Man Cooking The name of the website should have been a giveaway. But I won’t digress. I discovered this recipe on pinterest, of course. Pinterest¬†will be my doom, one day. *Update* Looking back I … Continue reading

Best Decor Tips From Pinterest

From Beauty to Bust, These Tips Will Class Up Any Non-diy’ers Space Continue reading

To Fool Or Not To Fool – Tricks We Love

April Fools is AWESOME. It’s the one day a year when I get to unleash on my husband and daughter a waterfall of pranks! Jokes/Pranks are year round in our house and I like to save up my “pay back” … Continue reading