Oh Crap, It’s Birthday Season – Gift Ideas

Okay, So I could probably think of a better title. But it’s honest. Right after spring break there is like this tidal wave of birthday’s all through the summer. Was there a club meeting that I missed where the universe got together and decided to have kids all at the same time? Probably. Figures I missed it lol. But there is a lot of pressure when deciding what to get someone.

What if:

  • you haven’t known them that long
  • they already own a lot of cool stuff
  • you’re just not crafty or a good shopper
  • you don’t want to spend a ton
  • you have a hard time thinking of something original

Here are some really great gift ideas for gifts that I have given and that were well received at a variety of price points:

1. Personalized Family Print $110


This item is made-to-order and is completely personalized from the name, to the type of characters you want (even their hair style and clothing style) and your little Fido or Feline can join in on the fun! I gave this gift to my mother-in-law, who this past year wanted a family portrait of us. So I thought this would be a more fun version of the typical family portrait and she loved it.

2. The Washington Post Custom Birthday Book $100


This item is also made to order and it took about 3 weeks for it to get to me after I placed the order. You can even get the cover embossed with the recipients name. You tell them the recipients birthday and how many years you want to included and they place the front page news story for every year on the  persons birthday. It super original and a great idea for a gift when you’re really stuck on what to get someone who already seems to have everything.

3. Awkward Moment Card Game $19


We’ve all had those awkward moments. And we all have that one friend. Yeah. Then this is the gift for them.

4. Corkcicle $18


Have a friend who looooves their wine. The icicle is made of BPA-free plastic filled with a reusable freeze gel, so you don’t have to worry about an early thaw diluting your wine! Seriously, why don’t they sell this at the liquor store?!

5. Animal & Monster Hand Tattoo Sets $12


Okay, so this is originally a kids gift but I would totally love some for myself! Simply apply with water and it’s non-toxic 🙂 I just see this as a win win for anyone who would get this gift!

6. Love Is Art, Kit $36-60


So I originally saw this on a recent episode of “The Big Bang Theory” when Penny gave this as a gift to Leonard. This is exactly what you think it is and would be best suited as a gift for your significant other or a friend who is about to get married 🙂

7. DIY Bottling Kit $30


Know someone who brews their own beer at home? Maybe they don’t but they could also use this to fill with whatever kind of drink they want. The deluxe comes with 10 bottles and 30 caps so you can reuse the bottles. It’s just a really fun version of a boring drink bottle.

8. Musical Scale Wine Glasses, Set of 2 $65


I literally couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw these!!! Turn your wine drinking into entertainment when the conversations starts to lull, then everyone will be dying to try it. Yes, yes, and yes please! They also sell a party set.

9. Mini Beer Pong $75


Because who doesn’t love beer pong?

10. Black Cat Headphones $40


Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to rock out like an animal? Great for kids, but I’m almost 30 and I would definitely use these!

*I chose to use UncommonGoods.com because I know I can always find something unique and in my price range every time without spending hours scouring the stores or internet. I was not approached by anyone to do this post and I am not being paid to write about it. I genuinely love the site and rely on it often when deciding on a gift. I hope you do to 🙂 Curious about their shipping options? Learn more here.

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24 thoughts on “Oh Crap, It’s Birthday Season – Gift Ideas

  1. Omg, the awkward moments game!! I have to have it! What a cool website — I haven’t heard of it before, but I’ll be visiting there the next time I need to find a birthday gift!


    • I totally agree, I think because of the general lack of creativity I’ve preferred receiving gift cards lol but if I could get anything from this list as a gift that would be amazeballs


  2. i know the feeling! I have birthdays from April to December then of course Christmas right around the corner! It’s so hard to keep up. Such great gift ideas I love the personalized family picture!


    • Thanks! And you’re so right. My mother in law got that one and she absolutely loved it! She just came to visit us this month and mentioned how crazy it was that even though its a “drawing” how much it resembled us lol


  3. Oh my goodness, that awkward moment card game looks hilarious! And I agree, when I don’t know the person very well and I don’t have a lot of money to spend, it’s tough trying to think of something!


    • My first thought when I read your blog post title was “Yes, yes, it is birthday season – mine is in 3 days, my middle daughter’s is next week, and a few of hubby’s family members have/had March birthdays!”

      That’s a neat list of some unique gifts – I see a few some people I know would like!

      Liked by 1 person

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