Easy DIY dog treats

I’m really excited about having my first guest blogger. Something that I’ve been doing since I’ve started is join blogging groups on Facebook to learn more about what I love doing, see what has worked for others and how that may work for me, and make some new blogger friends. I can honestly say that I’m getting better at this whole thing because of how they inspire me. That’s why having a guest blogger is so exciting to me! One of the groups I am part of is called “Authentic Bloggers” and it’s a collection of bloggers that have come together to lift each other up to become better bloggers, create a support system to one another and there’s such a variety of blogs, too.

That’s where I met Nora from ThePetiteMrs.com – and I’m thrilled she wanted to share the following post with us all, her DIY Dog Treats.  I have a dog myself, the cutest little Japanese Chin named Harley, that has a really sensitive stomach. So when Nora told me that she wanted to share it with me I was soooo excited. I hope you enjoy her DIY as much as I will.

Welcome Friends

Today I have something different for you! Never done before on The Petite Mrs or my other blogs under different names. I want to try recipes, DIYs and more other deep topics that you might all enjoy!

You see, last night I was stuck in a huge blog rut and reaching out to a dear friend Tausha fron Taush .O I really wanted help and want to make my blog quality over quantity. She gave me an idea to make homemade dog treats. So I looked on Pinterest and decided to try one out for myself. I am a Pinterest addict however I do not try  Pinterest activities much, or ever-at all. Sooo… I dove in and found one very simple and I knew my dogs would love it!

Here’s the link, just in case but I’ll have everything mapped out and visually as I did it.


This recipe is stupid easy, super fast and my dogs loved it~

So last night, I headed to the store and grabbed a bag of 100% Whole Wheat Flour and a few cans of meat type baby food (turkey, beef, chicken).

I spent less than 8$. I went to Walmart-the baby food was .90 cents and the flour was like 4.00. I didn’t have any at home but you can most likely use any kind of flour, wheat germ or rolled oats in the other recipes I saw.

Today I cleaned the counter surfaces to I’d have a place to work and it would be clean. I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and let it preheat for 6 minutes (which is my automatic on my oven).

I got everything together and I started by measuring out two cups of flour and putting that in a mixing bowl.
 All your ingredients : baby food, flour, mixing, directions and a surface for rolling dough out on
 This was a print out off the website where I got the recipe. I tried to make it big enough so you could see them.
 baby food, meat flavors beef, chicken and turkey.
 mixing bowl with measurements
 Gold Medal, 100% Whole Wheat Flour
 Measuring one cup of flour at a time (2 cups)
 Going on to the next step, Baby Food
Scraping the glass jar of baby food. Use any baby food your dogs would like: I might try sweet potatoes next time.
(if I tried this again I would put the baby food in first and maybe only use a cup to a cup and half of flour; mine were too dry and had too much flour to be consistent with dough)
They came out good but the dough was too dry and you could tell. I actually used all three baby food jars which is over the 5oz directions but I think they still came out good. Like I said LESS FLOUR next time.
I mixed the dough and tried to incorporate all ingredients equally and form to make a dry/stuff dough. I also used my hands to mush it all together. You need a little squish for them to bake right, so again, I think 2 cups of flour is too much…
Next I formed them and placed them on a cookie sheet and I used tin foil to line it- which worked good, I didn’t grease it or anything and they didn’t stick at all. I just was out of parchment paper.

When I was done placing them on  baking sheet (I had enough for 2 cookie sheets and baked them at the same time) about an inch apart or less-then I stuck them into the oven. Timer on for 25 minutes! They don’t expand they just need room to not stick together. I also followed the directions to make them thin and flat enough to bake all the way through, no thicker than a half inch.
And then we waited….. 🙂 It was very hard because the kitchen smelled like turkey and beef!
(they kept wandering in and I think they knew what was going on for them.
25 minutes later….
I also made sure to let them cool for about 10 minutes…
 we liked them, we rreally really liked them!
hey sister, if you don’t want that, I’ll take it!
Seems to me, they liked them. Scarfed them down and ate them up! Success!

If you want to check out more of Nora’s stuff, you can follow her on her blog at The Petite Mrs, keep up to date with all her latest on Facebook, check out her inspiration on Pinterest, follow along with live updates on Twitter, and check out her pics on Instagram

And as always,




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8 thoughts on “Easy DIY dog treats

  1. That was amazingly easy! I have made other dog treats that were a bit heavy-handed with the ingredients. They were a hit, but I have made five cheese lasagna with hand-shredded cheese that was less complicated and time consuming! I will have to try this at my little guy’s birthday party this summer.


  2. Look at those sweet little faces!!!! OMG
    I’m totally pinning this. I love making treats for my little fur babe and it’s been too long. She deserves some homemade goodies!!
    I have one similar only it involves peanut butter! I will have to blog it someday 🙂


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