There’s No Place Like Home

Awkward things and some perfectly appropriate GIF’s to go along with. I hope this entry makes you feel something. Continue reading


My Move To Spain: Getting Prepped

So if you’re just finding my blog, Welcome! My primary reason for starting this blog is because of our upcoming move to SPAIN! There are a lot of travel blogs, some really good ones too, that I’ve found. But none … Continue reading

My Pinterest Travel Accessories Dream List

Pinterest has rescued me once again. Follow along as I jump in to the rabbit hole and come back with a list of Pinterests’ best travel accessories – my dream list for my upcoming move to Spain. Continue reading

My 2 Favorite Gems in New Hampshire

Each year we are lucky enough to visit family in New Hampshire. It’s quite different from the area of Virginia where we live. The air is super fresh, I can just feel my airway clearing and it feels so good … Continue reading