DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

What better way to brighten your Monday then with another ADORABLE Mason Jar craft?! Aimiright? Certainly one of the most versatile items you could have in your home – you will never be short of way you can use them. This week Erin from Erin’s Sharings is so generously sharing her DIY with us!!

If you love this DIY as much as I do, be sure to click on over to her blog and check her out on social, she’s always doing cute stuff like this 🙂 Erin’s Instagram features a lot of great pics of her everyday comings and goings, cute DIYs, and her fave  products.

Without further delay….Let’s all give a big “heyyyy” for this DIY

Hey ya’ll I’m Erin from erinssharings.  I am so excited to share a project that I featured on my blog and loved!  It is one of my favorites and it is so easy!!

I love the look of mason jars and I have seen them all over Pinterest.  When I saw one used as a soap dispenser I fell in love.  Here is my version of a tutorial on the Mason Jar Soap Dispenser:

What you Need:

– Mason Jar (I used a medium size.  You can go as big or as small as you care to)

– Scissors

– Srewdriver

– Hammer

– Large Nail (I just used one I found in the house)

– Soap Dispenser (I used one off of an old soap bottle that I liked)

– Spray Paint (I used a silver mettalic but you can use whatever color you want)

– and not pictured but you need some glue (hot glue, or any other type of sealant)


-Clear Sealant Spray Paint


1. Using a nail hammer the top of the mason jar in various places.  I used the screwdriver to widen the holes.  Do this until it is just wide enough for the soap pump to fit inside securely.  You might have to cute the straw part of the soap pump, that’s fine.  Cut off however much to fit on the bottom of the soap jar.

*Be careful of the underside of the lid.  It is VERY sharp!!!!!*

2.  Glue the soap pump to the lid of the mason jar.

3. I chose to spray paint my lid and pump to match.  I placed a piece of newspaper under the lid and screwed the lid to the jar creating a cape.  Then I spray painted it the silver color and let it dry.

I also chose to use a clear sealant on mine after I painted the color.  I feel like this further protects the paint from wearing and chipping.

sorry it’s sideways…

4. Fill it up with your favorite soap and start pumping!

I have been keeping mine in the kitchen filled with soap for a cute decoration.  I have also been thinking of filling it with dishsoap for a cute and easy way to pump soap when washing dishes.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I would love to see pictures of your creations!  Check out my blog for deals, shopping hauls, tips, tricks and tutorials.

Let me know if you have any questions!

 photo signature.png

I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned how adorbz this was, was I? What are some of your favorite mason jar crafts?

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19 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

  1. Hi erin!!
    I’m freaking out because this is so adorable and I feel very do able.
    Do you think it’s too dangerous for girl guides aged 8-12 because OMG. How cute for Mother’s Day????!!!
    Loving this. Bookmarked. Saved. Clearly very excited. Lolol


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