My Pinterest Travel Accessories Dream List

Summer is fast approaching. Living in the “south” has that luxury, while some of my friends live much further north are still feeling the effects of winter. With the approach of warmer weather brings the reminder that I will be moving to Spain at the end of it. I can’t pick one emotion to describe how I feel about it but pinterest has sure inspired how I can prepare for it. I’ve yet to start stocking up on things I’ll need for the flight, so here is my dream list of things that I would love to have when the time comes.

1. Travel Bag Insert


There’s dozens of different travel bags on my dream list but one thing they each have in common is that I really want to put this travel bag insert inside of them or even in my purse. Airlines have such strict and varying carry on bag size restrictions so this would definitely help maximize the amount of space I have in my carry-on or purse and cut down on the clutter.

2. Travel Kit Must-Haves


Some of the items in my purse or carry on will definitely be inspired by this “I wish I had” pin. It feels like everytime I leave the house I forgot something. Our purses can be our traveling pharmacy, beauty bag, entertainment kit, etc. Don’t get between a girl and her bag. Amiright?! Though there are a few things missing from this list….Visine,  scope mini brushes, hand sanitizer, phone charger with convertible USB connection you get the picture 🙂

3. The Perfect Outfit


I want to be comfortable but I don’t want to be a frump. So picking the right outfit is essential, especially for long flights. This pin will certainly inspire the outfit I choose. Definitely leggings because 1) they’re cozy and 2) They versatile! I don’t ever have time for fussy outfits.

4. Travel Bag


There are wayyyy to many perfect choices for the perfect carry on. If I could take more than one, I would. But if I had to choose one that comes close to being my favorite, this would certainly be it. The main selling point…the bottom compartment for shoes! You could get around this by putting your shoes in a plastic bag. But this option is so much cuter.

5. The Perfect Pair of Shoes


Much cuter than regular flats and designed to fold so they take up the least amount of space AND they come with their own bag to keep them in. Win-win all around. I really like the open toe option, too –  though I’m still trying to locate the ones shown in the pin. User reviews praise their comfort, if you wear flats you know they don’t offer much in the way of support and convenience

6. The List Is Quite Extensive
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Have any travel or flying tips for me? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for following along with me, I appreciate your time and your feedback.


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27 thoughts on “My Pinterest Travel Accessories Dream List

    • YES! And if one existed I would be the first to try and get it lol. I think if they came up with a show granting women their pinterest dreams it would be the most popular show ever 🙂


    • Living in Spain during the college years? WOW I bet that was pretty great! I’ve only visited before so I’m excited to be able to explore more. I will be documenting my travel while I’m there too so you should check back in and see what I’m up to 🙂 Any recommendations?


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