My 2 Favorite Gems in New Hampshire

Each year we are lucky enough to visit family in New Hampshire. It’s quite different from the area of Virginia where we live. The air is super fresh, I can just feel my airway clearing and it feels so good to inhale the clean air. The landscape makes the long drive well worth it. My mother in law has a beautiful place with her S.O. right on Lake Winnipesaukee….


Stunning, aimiright?!

Each morning we’d wait for the air to warm up, because even in June the morning air is still cool, then we’d head down to the boathouse and beach, dive right into the water, and enjoy a light lunch while absorbing the sunlight. My daughter will usually spend a whole month or so here visiting with her grandma, my husband and I usually make it up every other year.

There are two things that make this trip special, aside from visiting family:

  1. We got married in the exact spot pictured above, right in the front yard. We had a huge tent pitched right where the guests could take in the view.
  2. We had our honeymoon in Franconia, NH at the Franconia Inn and this (Summer 2014)visit would mark our 3 year anniversary – we were lucky enough to also enjoy a visit to The Flume each visit.

Lake Winnipesaukee

72 Square miles of water, 260 Islands, 182 miles around of year round fun from ice fishing to canoeing.

We enjoyed swimming in the lake and saying hi to the canoes that would paddle by, jumping off the doc, taking the boat out to go tubing, and good ol’ fashion horse play. The water was super crisp and our dog Harley was able to join in the fun – though I’m not sure she enjoyed it as much as we did.

The Flume

The Flume is a natural gorge extending 800 feet at the base of Mount Liberty. The walls of Conway granite rise to a height of 70 to 90 feet and are 12 to 20 feet apart. A trip into the Flume begins and ends at the Flume Visitor’s Center. Guests can choose to walk through just the Gorge or do a two mile loop. The walk includes uphill walking and lots of stairs. The boardwalk allows you to look closely at the growth of flowers, ferns and mosses found here.

The photos do little justice to capture just how stunning The Flume is. But I did my best with the camera on my phone…

Because of our move to Spain this year I will definitely miss visiting.

What do you look forward to every summer?




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15 thoughts on “My 2 Favorite Gems in New Hampshire

  1. I live on the West Coast so am not familiar with the areas in your photos. They sure make we want to take a trip there! Just stunning. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the area.

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  2. I am from NH and used to live within walking distance of Lake Winnipesaukee! We spent many days and weeks of every summer there while I was growing up, and numerous family gatherings for cook-outs later on. I’ve been to all the places you mentioned multiple times, too! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! I now live in Maine, so I look forward to ocean visits in the summer.

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  3. That is stunning!!!!! Those photos look like they should be in an Outdoor adventure magazine, so much fun!!!
    We got married in my parents back yard but that yard puts my parents yard to shame! Hahahah that is a gorgeous piece of land!

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  4. I have never been to New Hampshire, but I can see that I am going to have to amend my ways! What a gorgeous area! And by the way, I like the way your blog looks. It’s stunning!

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