Best Decor Tips From Pinterest

Hey y’all!

I really wanted to elaborate on decor hacks similar to what I did for my small space living post. While that post was focused primarily on easy organization, this is focused on small hacks that look great.

I like to actually do everything on pinterest that I blog about. If I mention it in a blog but haven’t yet done it, it’s on my to-do list of things that I will definitely incorporate when I have the funds. I’ll then update my posts with my own photos so you can see how the pinterest hacks actually look when applied in real life. (I swear, most of the hack on pinterest, whether recipe of beauty, don’t always turn out well when applied in real life)

The Bathroom: Gets its own category because this is where I spend all my time getting ready for the day and winding down before bed.

*I’ve linked most the photos to the pins that inspired it

  1. 20150329_203810 I already had this picture frame, I simply went in to Google Drive and created a doc with the quote I liked best in my favorite colors and fonts, then printed it out. Wa-lah, Instant bathroom art 🙂
  2. 20150329_203837 Here I’m highlighting my use of the spaghetti/mason jars as great ways to organize some of your bathroom beauty products. Much more attractive than a bag or tray that this would normally end up in.
  3. 20150330_094538 I was yipping when I saw the pin that inspired this one. I kept the rocks I used as vase fillers in the centerpieces at my wedding. I couldn’t convince myself to throw them out because I was sure at the time I could find a use for them. The glass in the photo is from a candle that was melted. I simply put the candle jar in a pot of hot water on the stove, for just long enough for the wax to start to melt, then washed it out. (Along with never throwing away my spaghetti jars, I intentionally buy candles with great jars so I can keep them too) I’m so glad I kept them. I also used the rocks here in my mason jar flower vase.
  4. 17386321dbfd7ec91cefd0b6ed1a7b42 I haven’t done this one yet but it’s next. I could also use a wine jar (I’ve got plenty of those that I’ve already used for other craftsMouthwash in a decanter or wine bottle is so much more attractive than the plastic container it comes in.
  5. 20150330_115133 I was using command hooks to hang up my loofahs and other shower accessories (you can see I haven’t taken down the commend hooks yet) but this is so much prettier. It’s an expandable rod ( I have another in white) that I got from Target and some regular shower curtain hooks.

Other Spaces

  1. enhanced-buzz-27572-1379001511-10 WHY HAVE I NOT DISCOVERED THIS SOONER?! I’ve been doing it the hard way trying to measure it down to the centimeter and worrying it its level or not, I don’t own a leveler. But I found an app for the phone that works great. Still this looks wayyyyy simpler and less time consuming!
  2. 20150330_120934 I picked up this container from HomeGoods for $6 and placed it on my kitchen counter. Now whenever I come in from walking the dog, it’s straight to the jar to reward her with a treat. Before I’d kept the treats in the bag and hidden in the drawer, but this is cute if you want quick access to them.
  3. 95ed6f7c12110bb498341de5f2fda36dmain.original.585x0 For powdered laundry soap or liquid, this is far more attractive than the containers they came in. This is on my to-do list this month. I’ll update this post with my own photos when I do this 🙂
  4. grid-cell-4951-1373304233-42 This is the same concept (that I found on Buzzfeed via Pinterest) as #5 above for bathroom hacks . I’d caution you at this point if you are going to use an adjustable tension rod to be careful of hanging too many purses up. The weight may be too much. Of course, like most things on Pinterest, this looks better in the photo than if you were to apply it yourself, sooooo I set it up in my closet (pictured below) to show you I was able to apply it:
    1. 20150330_123758 I have no real need for it on my closet because I don’t have a lot of bags, so for the sake of a demonstration I also hung an umbrella and wallet. (The shower hooks in the photo are from the same set that match what I used in my bathroom for the loofahs)
    2. My closet is also constantly evolving. I have the room for this on my bar because my out of season clothes are stored under my bed in vacuum tight bags. And anything else that I don’t use on the regular is stored in bins. I live in an apartment so I don’t have the luxury of upgrading my closet system.

What are some of your hacks?



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14 thoughts on “Best Decor Tips From Pinterest

  1. Eeekkk we are so much alike!!! I’m a firm believer in practical but pretty decor! I buy candles for there Jars too! Heheh our garage has become a hoarding space for bottles and jars and jugs that I may need in the future for a pinterest project :))))


  2. I love finding decorating hacks for the home. Our master bath is fairly tiny, so I need to use some of these to spruce up our bathroom, and get it a little more organized. Thanks for sharing these!


  3. Great tips!! My favorite hack from Pinterest is to use a cupcake wrapper on the bottom of a popsicle stick to catch drips! It has saved us from lots of messes in the summertime!


  4. I love the idea behind your blog! I like the mason jar and the purse hanger trick! I like to have a pretty box and put my toiletries in it so it keeps it in a neat little area on my bathroom counter.

    Would love if you check out my blog!
    Raincouver Beauty


  5. These are some great hacks! I’ve seen the one for using a tension rod & hooks for purses in a closet (and LOVE that idea – yours looks great!), but I never thought about it for the shower…that’s fantastic! Great ideas and you’ve definitely sparked a few thoughts in my head :).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, these are great! I have a Pinterest account, but I really don’t maximize the use of it nearly enough! Great pictures and ideas – thanks for sharing!


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