Chicken & Broccoli Grilled Burrito Pin


Looks amazing, right?! We can all agree that the photo that accompanies a recipe is probably what inspired us to attempt the meal in the first place. But how often is what you see, what you get?

So today’s post was inspired by this pin I discovered about a month ago. I saved it on my food & recipes board for a meal night if I ever ran out of ideas. We get quite comfortable with what we already know how to cook. Then it ends up being the same thing every two weeks when we do our grocery shopping. Having a young kid also doesn’t help keep the variety in our meal plan. So I’ve been diving into recipes on pinterest. Why not buy a cook book you ask? Don’t want to spend the money when the internet is full of millions of recipes, Google it any way you like; you may never have to eat the same meal twice if you did. But if you’re like me:

  • Don’t want to spend long periods of time over the stove
  • Too many ingredients make the eyes cross
  • Would rather experiment than follow a recipe
  • Eating out or ordering always sounds better

Then this recipe just may work for you as well. The original recipe from the “Taste and tell” blog only calls for 4 ingredients! Yay, aimiright?! Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE to cook. But someday’s I’m just not feeling it.

*The steps I did differently are ( ) and italicized 

Serves: 4 servings
  • 1 (12 oz) package Green Giant Cheesy Rice and Broccoli (They didn’t sell this at my grocery)
  • (1 stalk of Fresh Broccoli – we decided against frozen broccoli – and we decided to leave out the rice) 
  • 3 cups shredded chicken (you can buy chicken and shred it yourself or you can by ground chicken)
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 4 large (12-inch) tortillas (if you can’t find them labeled by their inches the “Extra Large” work best)
  1. Cook the cheesy rice and broccoli according to package directions.
    1. (Because we skipped the rice, all we had to do here was steam the broccoli)
  2. (The original recipe totally left out the part where you need to cook your chicken first. Placing it in the wrap first will not cook the chicken properly. So – 
    1. While your broccoli is steaming, pull out a skillet and cook the chicken thoroughly – ground chicken is the quickest form)
  3. In a large bowl, combine the cheesy rice and broccoli and shredded chicken. Put ¼ of the cheese down the center of each tortilla, followed by ¼ of the chicken mixture, then tuck the ends in and roll up the burritos.
  4. Heat a grill pan or griddle over medium heat. Spray the surface with nonstick cooking spray (or whatever you use to non-stick your pan) and put the burritos, seam side down, on the grill (Pan or griddle). Cook until golden brown and crisp, then turn  (spray the pan once more with non-stick before you lay down the other side of the burrito)and cook the opposite side, about 2-3 minutes per side.


Getting the burritos ready ^^


Side A ^


We served with corn as a side.

Lessons Learned:

  1. With only the chicken, broccoli, and cheese – this was very bland. In the future we will definitely incorporate some of our favorite seasonings and maybe use a salsa or dressing to eat it with. We don’t want to go to crazy because this is supposed to be a simple, healthy meal.
  2. If you go with the ground chicken, depending on how much you stuff your tortillas, you can easily get 5-6 burritos out of this

How would you do this differently?

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9 thoughts on “Chicken & Broccoli Grilled Burrito Pin

  1. Maybe a mix of cheddar and pepper jack, green chile or regular salsa—definitely sounds like it needs some more flavor, but a good idea to start with. I’m getting bored with my own cooking lately, too, so thanks for a new simple idea!


  2. Looks good! I would use fresh broccoli as well and I would have used rice! I like to buy boxed rice that has seasoning in it and make it then use it with other foods! I think the rice would have added flavor! I would probably use a flavor tortilla too like spinach or sun dried tomato! Corn is a great side item to go with it! Thanks for the share, I will let you know how mine turns out!


  3. Hahaha, I guess the packaged food that the original recipe called for would probably be well seasoned and the main “flavor” part of the recipe. It most likely also left out the chicken cooking process, as the original cook probably used leftover shredded chicken? I always experiment with recipes and tweak them to my taste, just can’t leave it as it is 😀


  4. This looks so so yummy!!! I’m starving right now, so this made me want to order out even more Lolol
    I need to put my pins to good use and start making them! But it’s so true you never know what we be an epic fail and then my family will starve (maybe a slight exaggeration…Lolol)
    I will add this to my pins!! :))
    A little side of salsa with it sounds yummy.


  5. Lol yes, I have had several experiences where the recipe doesn’t always turn out good, usually I’m good at catching it and adding my own take on it. I am definitely going to incorporate your lemon, cilantro, and black bean. YUM


  6. I was just thinking as I saw this picture – what happens when you make something that is just plain terrible? I’ve had a few experiences in the last several months where recipes made from the most delicious pins on Pinterest are just plain terrible!

    For this recipe, I would use split chicken breasts, season and roast them, and use this recipe to finish off the last of the leftovers. Spicy black beans, some cilantro and lemon, and seasoned rice would go a long way. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol yes, I have had several experiences where the recipe doesn’t always turn out good, usually I’m good at catching it and adding my own take on it. I am definitely going to incorporate your lemon, cilantro, and black bean. YUM

      Liked by 1 person

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