Wine Bottle Crafts

This is by far one of my favorite things to search for on Pinterest! First inspired by this pin from ‘realcoake’ of a wine bottle used as a soap dispenser, I decided I had to have one just like it. I already had a small stock pile of empty wine bottles (I’m not an alcoholic – just a small enthusiast, I swear) so the cost of this DIY was going to be as cheap as my spaghetti jar turned floral vase DIY.


Now all I needed was the pourer and in an effort to spend as little money as possible my first stop was Target (all hail!) and unfortunately I couldn’t find a package of them that were less than $10. Did I mention I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this? Next stop, Walmart (hold your gasps). Just my luck they had a package of 12 made by ‘Tablecraft’ products for less than $3. (This should have been the first sign that this wouldn’t work out like I planned, but I digress).


I decided not to get fancy with this and forgo the stencil. However, Michaels sells a chalk label stick-on that would be a great substitute for the stencil! But I didn’t want to stop at a soap dispenser. I could use the same concept for vegetable oil, coffee creamer, soy sauce; really, I could keep going but I’ll keep this quick.

Wine Bottle Craft

  • Most wine bottles need to be soaked in soapy hot water before the label will come off. Some even still require a bit of muscle to scrub off because of the adhesive used to apply them. I’m not a fan of “Goo Be Gone”, it hasn’t worked as well as hot water and soap does.
  • The packaging around the neck of the wine bottle is typically a type of foil that can easily be removed just by creating a tear and pulling.

The pourer worked great for the creamer and other thin liquids. Not so much for the soap. My guess, the soap was too thick. Maybe if I invested in a more expensive pourer. On a positive note…It looked so good! And I’m super glad I traded up from the cheap plastic most of those products come in.

As a lessons learned if you have a small kid I wouldn’t recommend the wine cork as a soap stopper. My daughter, 8 years old at the time, must have decided she was bored and jammed the bottle against the counter and shoved the cork in past the lip then crammed it further down with I don’t know what. She still won’t come clean about it. I had to pour the soap out into a dish and obliterate the cork to a million small pieces in order to get it out. Her usual excuse for the odd things that happen in our home is to blame a ghost ahahaha.

Would you ever try this for yourself?

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13 thoughts on “Wine Bottle Crafts

  1. Cute idea! I did some cute Halloween crafts with liquor bottles a couple of years ago. I don’t drink, but I’m sure my co-worker would be happy to supply me with more wine bottles.

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  2. Cutest thing ever, Megan! I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile! I have about 4 wine bottles saved up. Thanks for the inspiration! I really love your blog so much! Glad to have found you on the Blogger LIfe via facebook 🙂 Have a wonderful day, pretty girl!

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