The Importance of Girl Friends

Do a Google search on “The Importance of Girlfriends” and you’ll get an astounding 70.5 million! results. By that number alone you could easily deduce just how true such a concept is.


My first thought is: in order to have great girl friends you have to start by being a great girl friend to others. Kindness is not a weakness. Kindness is not a weakness. Without kindness you couldn’t possibly possess the many other personal traits that kindness inspires. Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Each of us have someone in our past that may have treated us like doormats but that doesn’t mean the next person will. Being friendly is simple and as easy as greeting the new person at your work or the unfamiliar face at a house party. That’s how I’ve met a few of my favorite people. Sure, it almost always starts out as awkward. Only Beyonce can flaunt that flawless card.

Be generous with compliments. Be generous with smiles. Be generous with honesty. Be generous with listening. Be generous with understanding. Be generous with simply keeping in touch with what is going on in each others lives.

Be considerate with their feelings. They didn’t have the same up bringing as you. Surely you won’t always interpret life events the same. Just because you got over your last break up quickly doesn’t mean she will. Did she get a promotion at work or finally get that stain out of her favorite dress? Send her a congratulations card…just because.

Someone could make a living off of Googling the importance of girl friends and sharing that info. But that’s not me. This group of vines all about best friends is pretty hilarious though.

My Reason #1:

Support.  Kind of like a bra. You know it’s  (they are) always there for you even when you’re not wearing it (or they’re around). Sometimes they’re comfortable (agreeable) and sometimes that under wire stabs you in the sternum and you want to shred it to pieces (their honesty will not always be what you want to hear). I have only 1 friend brave enough to give me that sternum stabbing kind of honesty and she’s my absolute favorite person for it. I go to her first because I know she won’t sugar coat it for me. Then I have my other friends that I would just as easily go to when sometimes I’m not ready to hear the truth, I just want to know that someone understands and that maybe I’m not so crazy because one of them would do the same thing I would do.


My Reason #2:

Dancing. And no I don’t mean someone to always have to go to a club and dance with. This goes along right with having friends that support you. Sometimes I just need to call up a friend and share some good news over the phone and know that we’re both dancing because she wanted this for me as much as I wanted it for myself and I’d do the same for her. Other times we get in such funks and we have no idea why or how to get out of it. So dance. Dance without worrying about some unwanted attention from an unwanted person. Dance without having to defend yourself. Dance without regard.


And on days where you’re home alone and you don’t feel like doing laundry or cleaning ANYTHING or put on pants – dance. Your girlfriends wont judge you because they’ve probably done it to. We can all be a little bit Meredith Grey and Christina Yang (“Grey’s Anatomy” reference).

My Reason #3:

Weird Habits. Each of us probably have the same weird beauty habits that we would never openly admit to but secretly know each other does when no one is around. Staring at your pores, poking at different areas of you skin and worrying about why it looks different today then it did last week, putting on chapstick/eos for a solid minute because it feels weird and awesome. It’s like you have this silent agreement that they’re awesome and they won’t judge your for it. Heck, Buzzfeed even did a whole video dedicated to the weird stuff we love to do. Your significant other just wouldn’t understand ahaha. IMG_2246384675482

If you have that one friend who will even talk about weird stuff with you, even better. Hold on to them, they’re rare like unicorns.

What are your reasons for having girl friends?


(ugh, this ^^^ is so cute)

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Girl Friends

  1. I’m still searching for that group of girls I can consider good friends. I’m just really anti-social and have trouble maintaining relationships. =) But because of this, I’ve forced myself to join MOPS and be a table leader at a women’s group at church, so I can meet new ladies and hopefully form new friendships!


  2. Girl friends are so important! It’s hard when you’re not near them. It’s easy to lose touch when you’re over 1000 miles away. I say all this because all my closest girl friends are. There are just some things that I can’t talk to my husband about because only girls will understand.


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