Mason Jar Flower Vase

My favorite things to hold on to is Mason Jars. Or in my case spaghetti jars. I have a preference for the ‘Classico’ spaghetti jars because of their design, although most of them are ‘Prego’ jars. My husband thinks I have a problem because I won’t throw them away! I always have something I can use them for. Currently, I’m using them to store my endless supply of knick-knacks: batteries, clothes pins, lighters. I even use them in my bathroom to hold my make-up sponges, cotton balls, cotton swabs, hair ties, and bath salts. Seriously, they have so many uses. Heck, why buy a plain glass jar when I already get them for my spaghetti sauce? Two birds, one stone.


I kept it simple and didn’t decorate the glass, I like the character it creates just seeing right through. Though I did paint the lids with black acrylic craft paint. Easy peezy. That’s what inspired my next craft and this blog post.  Before you proceed, I’d like to add that I didn’t fully personalize this to my tastes. I kept it simple just to show someone how to get started. You can take it further by adding whatever kind of filler (i.e. rocks, jewels) or ribbons to the outside you want. So why not just stick flowers in the jar and call it a day? The lid is the magic ingredient 🙂 without that little hack my arrangement would limp all over the place.


The lid. I’ll be as specific as possible because I know what it’s like to find a cute little craft project on Pinterest and have it go completely wrong, haha.

Part 1:


I don’t have any special tools to cut into the lid, so I improvised! I used a short blade steak knife to punch the whole and a hammer to drive it through with more ease than just standing there and trying to shove it through. I followed the indent of a smaller circle that was already on the lid and punched holes along that. You don’t have to hit hard at all, a few light taps will do the trick, be careful what surface you choose to do this on. I don’t have anyone to hold my camera for me, so this is the best I got 🙂

20150310_120132      20150310_120314

When I made it all the way around I pushed the center piece out then dulled the edges with my hammer until the edge rounded under. I’m not a perfectionist with this part because won’t be able to see it once the arrangement is in.

20150310_120405      20150310_120606       20150310_120647

Part 2:


I don’t care to look at the label on the lid so I chose a fun color acrylic craft paint to cover it up. That particular color cost me about $3 and the applicator cost $0.99.  I applied several coats (placing the paint on the applicator instead of the lid) to get full coverage, using a hair dryer in between coats to move the process along faster. I swear, if it’s going to take me more than 30 minutes to do a small craft I probably won’t do it.

20150310_120924      20150310_121038      20150310_121543

This paint dried with a flat finish and I LOVE! the way it looks when done.

20150310_122332     20150310_122730

I also keep all of my wine bottles/corks and had previously kept my arrangement in that. I think for a future post I will do one on the variety of things I’ve been able to use my wine bottles for and what other crafts I’ve found that I want to try. Curious? Let me know! Deciding to try this out for yourself? Tell me how it went 🙂

More decorated versions:

20150310_174839 20150310_174450

With & without the ribbon. I filled it with some pebbles that I had saved from my wedding decorations. I just got another idea for a futurrrrrre poooost!

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